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letter for home owners with new windows

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To those of you who have new windows,

Traditionally window cleaners have used scrapers to clean new windows. They will not scratch uncoated glass when properly used and are the most effective tool for removing construction debris such as paint, adhesives, and stickers. This method of cleaning new windows has been used for decades in the window cleaning industry. Scraping is often the only practical way to get the desired results - clean new windows.

In recent years, there has been an industry problem with tempered glass scratching, due to a microscopic dust called fabricating debris. Fabricating debris consists mostly of glass chips and fine glass dust that gets baked onto the surface of some tempered glass. This can make the glass highly susceptible to scratching. Not all tempered glass has this problem. It is a manufacturing quality issue not a technological issue. It is caused when the glass is cut and seamed during the tempering process. If the debris is not completely washed from the surface before the glass enters the tempering oven, it causes the fabricating debris particles to become permanently fused to the glass.

Later, when the windows are cleaned, the debris can be pushed along the glass and can cause scratches. The fine particles can not be noticed by the purchaser of the glass window until the glass is cleaned and after the damage is done.

We suggest that the glass should be tested before installing any new window. The debris is so fine you might not notice it until the window is cleaned. You should also check with the maker of the window to see if they have had any past issues with fabricating debris.

Window cleaners should not be responsible for scratching glass in these circumstances. There is no way to avoid it. This is a product quality issue not a workmanship problem.
The window manufacturer should be responsible for any damage caused, not the installer, or cleaner, or the owner.

This is the view of the International Window Cleaners Association of which we are a member.

We ask all our customers with new windows to sign a waiver releasing Atlas Window & Carpet Cleaning from any liability for damages caused during cleaning of new windows.


Elliot Atlas

Link to Waiver

Pllease read this letter if you have new windows that you want cleaned.

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