Carpet Confidence Written Instructions
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Carpet Cleaning Tips and Instructions

Using Our Carpet Confidence Stain Removal System

With these four potent products and following the instructions, you'll be able to remove or reduce most spots and stains. You may need to use one, two, or even three products to remove or reduce a stain, depending on its’ complexity.

Watch the video instructions and/or follow the written instructions

STANDARD WARNING Before using these products please read and make sure you understand the safety and liability information on the quick step instructions and on the website.

INSTRUCTIONS Since the objective is to develop CONFIDENCE, learn the entire system from start to finish, to get the best results. Try to educate yourself. Don’t skip over steps. If you start from the beginning you will get to learn what works best on your carpet and any reoccurring problems you might have.

Note: Wool rugs and hand dyed carpets need additional knowledge (see below )


  2. At least three White Hand Towels (white is best- you can see what is being removed)
  3. Paper Towels
  4. A Fan, A Heater Fan, or A Heater
  5. Recommended safety equipment:
    Plastic Gloves, Goggles, and Mask
    These are optional for those who are sensitive.
    When using the Carpet Confidence System, I, myself, do not use plastic gloves, goggles, or a Mask.
  6. If you have a home carpet cleaning machine, that could be very useful in some situations


Always remove any and all liquid or solid substance from the area you will be working on before you apply any product. To soak up excess liquid you can use towels first and then paper towels to extract as much of the moisture out as possible.


Choose the product you want to try first from the Carpet Confidence System (CLEAR, STRONG, MAGIC, or STRIP) In general start with CLEAR. When you get to know your carpet and the system you might find a favorite product. At first try them all. With experience, you’ll discover which product or products work best for you and your situations.

CLEAR: This can remove about 75% of the spots and stains in your home. It’s the simplest product and I use it in my own home. Try it on a small section of a stain first to see if there is any movement.

STRONG: This can remove about 90% of the spots and stains in your own home. This is my general spotter that I use in my carpet cleaning business. It has some added substances that make it more powerful. You can also try this on a small section of a stain and see if there is any movement.

MAGIC: Use this for difficult stains that CLEAR or STRONG cannot remove or reduce. Once you learn how to make it, it becomes very easy. Don’t be intimidated. Your confidence level will soar when you are able to remove or reduce stains like coffee, tea, wine, urine, soda, etc.

STRIP: Even though this is the most complex product, it isn’t the best spotter (though in some cases it’s very good for water stains and chocolate). It does have its strength in reducing some of the difficult stains even further after MAGIC has been used. It’s a great product for removing or reducing returned stains.


Test the product on an inconspicuous area of carpet, if you are unsure of how it will react. Perhaps you can test it in a closet.


Place a towel under the bottle when using any of the products. This is in case of an accident (knocking it over or dripping).


Spray the product on a cloth first and then press it down on the stain. This technique dries the fastest.
Spray directly on the carpet. You can experiment with either using a wide spray or a focused spray depending on the size and the severity of the stain. The benefit of the wide spray is that the area will dry faster and you use lesser product. The benefit of the focused spray is that you can penetrate deeper into the fibers and may get faster results. Just be careful not to soak the carpet.


Agitation speeds up and helps break down soils, spots, and stains. You can agitate with clean sneakers, a towel, your fingers (with or without a plastic glove), or a soft brush. Do not get desperate and scrub your carpet too hard for any reason. You can create permanent damage. If the stain has been completely removed, then you have succeeded. IF NOT….


Sometimes time is your best weapon. Use it. It’s amazing what can happen with a little patience. Let it sit for 5, 10, or 30 minutes. You may want to agitate it some more.


Absorb as much of the product out and reapply the product using agitation and time.


If you need to try another Carpet Confidence product, absorb as much of the product out first and then apply the next product. You can only do this with CLEAR, STRONG, and MAGIC. Ideally, if you can afford the time, make sure the area is dry first (which may be the next day) before applying the next product. In this way, the fibers will be able to receive and absorb the next product more thoroughly. You only want to apply STRIP to a completely dry area. BE VERY CAREFUL TO NEVER APPLY MAGIC AND STRIP AT THE SAME TIME.


The last step in all spot and stain removal is to dry the area as well as possible. This is a priority every time you work on a spot or stain. Use white hand towels, paper towels, and a fan to accomplish this.
Cover the area with a clean white towel and step on it.
Turn the towel over to the other side and step all over it.
Repeat this step with more white towels until you can't get up anymore.
Place some paper towels on the area and press down on it with your hands.
This will get out some more moisture.
Repeat that until you can not see any more moisture coming up.
Focus a fan, a fan heater, or a heater on the area to get it absolutely dry.
Additionally you can open windows for heat and airflow OR turn up the heat if it's cold or wet outside.


Use the Carpet Confidence System at your own risk.

Don’t be intimidated by this statement. It’s just a protection.
CLEAR is a gentle product and I use STRONG, MAGIC, and STRIP on wool carpets all the time.

Test, test. and test on an inconspicuous area
Apply the product and agitate gently. If the spot or stain is removed, dry the area right away.
If it isn’t removed, repeat the step and let it sit for a few more minutes.
The coloring on the wool rug may not be very stable. You don’t want the spotting agent to sit that long on the fibers.
It may create discoloration. This is true for most carpet stain removers in regard to wool fibers.

CLEAR on a wool carpet: It’s gentle and for the most part should be fine.
STRONG on a wool carpet: Works Great! Yet if this sits on the wool fibers too long, it may create discoloration.
MAGIC on a wool carpet: If CLEAR or STRONG do not work, you then need MAGIC. The issue on many wool carpets or rugs when using MAGIC is that for the most part it will remove or reduce the stain yet may leave the area you worked on looking yellow or a light shade of brown. That has to do with the high PH factor of the MAGIC. The next day after it is completely dry, you can reduce that yellowing by applying STRIP and agitating gently. You may let it sit for only a few minutes. Dry it. Repeat if necessary.
STRIP on a wool carpet: Works well. Be careful about using the focused spray and letting it sit on the carpet too long. That may create discoloration.

Again, with a little experience, in no time you will have confidence when dealing with spots and stains on your wool carpet.


Use the Carpet Confidence System at your own risk.

Occasionally a carpet has unstable dyes that run. Make sure yours doesn’t, by testing inconspicuously. If you know that it’s unstable then do not use any of the products on this rug. Have it professionally cleaned by someone who has experience with this type of rug.


This is an active oxygen product – mix it with very hot water –NOT BOILING WATER OR THE INSTANT HOT WATER

  1. Take the sprayer off the empty spotting bottle (labeled MAGIC).
  2. Turn the hot water on so the heat builds up.
  3. Empty one of the small bags of MAGIC POWDER into the empty bottle. For your convenience, it is the correct amount for the 8 ounce bottle. Generally, it is very easy to pour it in the bottle. To make it even easier, you can use a funnel.
  4. Fill the bottle 1/3 of the way up with hot water.
  5. Shake it a little side to side, mixing it up. Fill it another 1/3 and shake it side to side.
  6. Fill it completely, shake it some more side to side, and put the sprayer or cap on it. I highly suggest the cap because there is a chance that some of the powder could clog up the sprayer.
  7. If you do put on the sprayer, than point it down towards the sink to catch the drips as you shake it.
  8. While over the sink, shake aggressively until the powder is dissolved. This product is now active, so you'll need to loosen the sprayer or the cap slowly to release the oxygen build up a couple times during this process.
  9. Use right away! It only stays active for 24 hours. It is best and most potent when used right away.
  10. Only use the sprayer trigger that comes with the MAGIC bottle (the blue one). Do not use the other ones that are on the other products. There's a good reason why we have one different sprayer.


If on the following day, you notice that there is some residue on the area that was stained, use a rinsing step (follow steps below) or use STRIP. This could do the trick.

Even though these products have zero to low residue, you may need a rinsing step when using them because of their concentration. This is also true if you use a heavy amount of product. You can do this step after you use a product OR after it’s dry.

Rinsing Bottle: Use the empty sprayer bottle. The one that is labeled MAGIC.

  1. Fill up the empty bottle with hot water.
  2. To help prevent residue: After removing the stain, extract and dry the area as much as possible. Then spray the area with the hot water and dry thoroughly by blotting.
  3. If treating the residue the next day after it is completely dry, spray the area with the hot water and dry thoroughly by blotting.
  4. You may need or want to repeat this.
  5. Recommended: The last step is to dry it with a fan, a fan heater, or a heater.

Use STRIP: Another way to handle residue if you notice it after the area is dry, is to spray STRIP on it. Agitate the area. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes if necessary. See the special instructions regarding wool (above). Then dry it thoroughly.


The above instructions are intended for difficult stains. What if you just have tiny spots around the house that aren’t stains? Generally, spots are easy to remove and stains are not.

Spray just enough CLEAR or STRONG on the spot so that it can be removed.
Agitate it and absorb it with a towel and then absorb more moisture out with a paper towel.
Agitate it and absorb it with paper towels.
Let it dry on its own if it’s slightly moist.

This should only take 15-30 seconds if it’s not a stain. QUICK AND EASY!


Since using these products in my pre-conditioner or pre-spray and as my spot and stain removers, I have not had one complaint in eight years!
That is a TON of households!

These products are part of the Carpet Confidence Stain Removal System used in my professional carpet cleaning business and they have been field tested for eight years.

The Carpet Confidence Stain Removal System for home owners use has been field tested with my clients for ten years.

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