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What Sets Us Apart as Window Cleaners

(Regarding our Window Cleaning Service)
Part 5 of a series from the Online Atlas Newsletter

In the past four articles, we focused on what sets our Carpet Cleaning Service apart from the competition. We will get back to that in future articles with several more points.
In this article, we want to talk about what sets our Window Cleaning Service apart from the competition.

Number One:
In 1989, we were the first company in Marin County to offer an economical maintenance plan. It provided a way for people to have their primary windows cleaned throughout the year. We started with hourly visits every month, two months, and three months. Most window cleaning companies don't want to do this. They'd rather clean the entire house once or twice a year and make more money on each visit. I don't blame them. It really is a lot more work and possibly less income. Yet, we believe that we brought a fantastic value to Marin by providing this service.
Eventually, the basic maintenance plan became a minimum two hour visit for every 2 to 3 months. The basic plan now is a minimum of 2 hours every 4 months. Of course, we can come more often and stay longer if you like.

Number Two:

We use extension poles with great skill. In many ways this is safer than using a ladder and can make the job go faster and save you money. There may be a couple of other companies that have this skill, although most don't. Most companies use ladders primarily. We use ladders also, yet in conjunction with extension poles.
Number Three:

We have very fast window cleaners working for us, which means more value for you. Most outfits may not be that fast. Another company might charge a lower hourly rate but might work at a slower pace. You might not be getting the bargain you thought you would be getting, simply because they will take a lot longer to do the job. All of a sudden, it appears that the cheaper company is not that much cheaper after all. On the other hand, there are outfits that have higher hourly rates than ours, with slower window cleaners and therefore, you lose value. Our men are both fast and efficient.

Number Four:

We offer special discounts during different times of the year to all our clients--not just new ones.

Plus, every so often, we give away free window cleaning through our contests in our email newsletter.

Number Five:
bofm 2007
We are the only window cleaning company that has won Pacific Sun's "Best Of Marin". We won "Best Window Cleaners" in 2007 and of course that was thanks to you and all our clients who voted for us. We appreciate your confidence in our business.

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